Non-invasive laser therapy by biolitec® in sports medicine


With the new LEONARDO® Mini Athletic Laser, biolitec® brings forward the evolution of laser therapy. We have now developed a gentle, non-invasive method for sports injuries to provide fast, targeted and painless treatment for the patient. This means that an acute injury does not have to become chronic. The unique combination of heating, pain relief and bio-stimulation introduces a new dimension in the treatment of sports injuries, inflammation and overloads.

The LEONARDO® Mini Athletic Laser is applied to the skin surface of the injured area, with the required energy individually adapted to the injury. This has the effect that all metabolic processes in the injured area are accelerated, which enables the body to regenerate faster. Healing and recovery time is significantly reduced. There is no need for medication or cutting.

The LEONARDO® Mini Athletic Laser has a multitude of applications and is effective in treating the following areas and injuries:


  • Inflammation of tendons
  • Thigh muscles, lower leg musculature, gluteal muscles
  • Thigh knock, muscle stiffness
  • Muscle stimulation, pulled muscle, torn muscle fiber
  • Small, specific muscle parts
  • Trauma, bruising, hematoma
  • Bones, ankle joint, knee meniscus, tibial head
  • Inflammation of the outer layer of the bone, shin splints (periostitis)
  • Infection, herpes, boils


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Further information for you to download:
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