Phlebology - ELVeS®

ELVeS® - minimally invasive treatment of venous diseases

Benigne prostatic hyperplasia

Minimally invasive treatment of BPH

Urology - tumors

Laser surgery in urology for bladder tumors and partial nephrectomy

Coloproctology - LHP® and FiLaC®

Gentle treatment of hemorrhoids and fistulas

Gynecology - HOLA

HOLA for the gentle excision of myomas

Thoracic Surgery

Minimally invasive laser surgery for thorax by biolitec

Ear Nose Throat - LEONARDO®

LEONARDO® for versatile use in ENT

Orthopedics - PLDD

PLDD - precision at its best for intervertebral disks

Photodynamic Therapy - Foscan®

Foscan® - our weapon to fight head and neck cancer

Minimally invasive laser therapies of the future

biolitec is one of the world's leading specialists in the production and marketing of medical laser systems and suitable accessories as well as the sole supplier worldwide who provides all relevant core competencies in Photodynamic Therapy. Profound research and continuous development of our products form the basis of our longstanding experience in the field of health care. Your health is our passion.

A whole new world of therapeutic applications and clinical results - this is our LEONARDO® Laser system. It's the most versatile and universal medical laser system in the market today.


The LEONARDO® Lasers are designed to work in perfect combination with a broad spectrum of special medical fibers and application kits developed by biolitec® and its companies. biolitec® is one of the world’s most technologically advanced suppliers of fiberoptic products. The biolitec® treatment methods are routinely performed and validated in highly respected medical centers worldwide and are the number one choice for treating a wide variety of diseases and medical conditions.