ELVeS®TWISTER™and XCAVATOR™LHP® and FiLaC®HOLA™Ceralas® for Thoracic SurgeryLEONARDO® for ENTEVOLVE®Foscan®

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biolitec® develops pioneering laser technology and matching accessories for various therapeutic areas. With our products you can offer your patients all advantages that modern minimally invasive laser therapy has in store.

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Our new LEONARDO® Mini is the response to the high demand for a space-saving, economical, and at the same time versatile device, that also meets the high quality standards of biolitec.

A whole new world of therapeutic applications and clinical results - that is our LEONARDO® Laser. It is the most versatile and universal medical laser in the market today. 

Due to its special wavelength our Ceralas® HPD laser system offers excellent laser-tissue interaction. It is available in different designs to match the needs of the single fields of applications.

biolitec® Fibers - for every application suitable accessories


Besides state-of-the-art lasers biolitec® provides you with a wide range of accessories. Due to continuous development biolitec® offers suitable fibers with specific characteristics that are perfectly coordinated with your therapeutic area and the respective application.

The XCAVATOR® is the first true Laser-TURP and offers safe and efficient treatment in urology.

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