Innovative Diode Laser Technology by biolitec® in the field of Thoracic Surgery / Pneumology


In the field of thoracic surgery and pneumology, laser technology provides physicians with the latest technological standards and guarantees minimally invasive and, above all, gentle procedures on lungs and the bronchial system.


Due to its high water content and the low density of the lung parenchyma, the 1350 nm laser wavelength has proven ideally for tissue interaction. The laser probes and instruments especially developed by biolitec® allow for open thoracic operations as well as VATS-operations to be carried out elegantly and minimally invasively. Besides high ablation rates, the diode laser with 1350 nm convinces thanks to precise incisions and an extremely low post-operative complication rate in procedures on lungs and bronchial tissue.


Operations / resections of lung metastases / lung tumors in some of our European reference centers have also proved that performing interventions with our LEONARDO® DUAL and its wavelength combination of 1470nm and 980nm is a safe and equally successful alternative with regard to incision and hemostasis of the lung tissue as well as with regard to the postoperative sealing of the resection surfaces.

Due to further observation studies, we will establish this treatment option as a new alternative to the traditionally used wavelength 1350nm in the thoracic surgery.

Main applications:

  • Metastasectomy
  • Vaporization of tumors (carcinomas)
  • Pulmonary wedge resection of lung tissue
  • Resection of multiple and deep lung metastases
  • Recurring metastases and tumors
  • Haemostasis and sealing fistulas
  • Adhesiolysis
  • Tissue resection for histological examination
  • Coagulation and vaporization of endo-bronchial tumors and stenosis using the bronchoscope technique

Discover biolitec®’s minimally invasive approach and experience a diode laser technology of which physicians and patients profit alike.


International reference and training centre:

University Clinic Jena, Germany

Department of Heart and Thoracic Surgery 

PD Dr. med. Matthias Steinert


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Upcoming Events:


Live Case Training Thoracic
Reference center Univ. Jena, Germany / Dr. Steinert


Live Case Training Thoracic
Reference center Univ. Jena, Germany / Dr. Steinert





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Pulmonary Wedge Excision

For numerous thoracic surgeons, the application of laser technology is the first choice in their operation room. The procedure enables a safe, tissue-conserving treatment of sensitive lung tissue without loss of blood.